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You are Catwoman
Poison Ivy
Green Goblin
The Joker
Mr. Freeze
Dr. Doom
Dark Phoenix
Lex Luthor
With a troubled past and an upbringing on the streets you have learned how to fend for yourself through crime.

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Mike Gravel?!?!? Who the hell is he?
92% Mike Gravel
91% Dennis Kucinich
84% Chris Dodd
84% John Edwards
84% Barack Obama
82% Joe Biden
79% Hillary Clinton
71% Bill Richardson
38% Rudy Giuliani
26% Ron Paul
25% John McCain
18% Tom Tancredo
17% Mitt Romney
17% Mike Huckabee
9% Fred Thompson

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

Meme taken from Helen's Eidolon :)
Oh my gosh, Lauren, you picked some really hard questions. :)

1) Why did you pick psychology?

Because I love it.   The discipline deals with human nature.  Human behaviour is something I've always been fascinated by, possibly because I feel like I don't completely understand it.  Humans have always been a mystery to me, to be completely honest.  It also frames these questions in a scientific manner.  A lot of other "social sciences" seem like complete bullshit to me.   For instance, in my Women's Studies course, I had to cite Andrea Dworkin, who seems like she just pulls stuff out of her ass.  I read a lot of her papers and say to myself "Um...cite?"  Instead Psychology relies upon experimentation, data, and statistics.  But it's not math intensive like chemistry or physics.  And it's always interesting, even when you have a not-so-great teacher.

2) What's your favourite book and why?

"Weird Sisters" by Terry Pratchett.  I love the two main witch characters.  Granny Weatherwax I love because she's so stern and so sure of herself, hard as steel, cold as ice.  Knows how to get the job done right, and she practices "Headology". (In fact, I named my cat Esme after Granny.) Nanny Ogg I love because she has the wonderful joie de vivre, she loves a good snort of brandy and a good snog.  I consider myself a wiccan actually, (and I HATE telling people this, because they assume I sacrifice cats or something,) and frequently read Buckland's Complete Guide to Witchcraft and another book on solitary practicing that I own.  I also love growing and identify herbs and learning their medicinal uses, (which is traditionally a witche's forte.)  So I guess I really relate to the characters, and how it's not all dancing around naked under the moon.  :)

3) How did you decide to go back to school? Has it been a good decision for you?

I was a bookkeeper for ten years.  If you've never been a bookkeeper, let me tell you how it goes.  Monday, you do A, B, C and D.  Tuesday, you do A, B, C, D.  Wednesday....etc...etc...mindnumbingly etc......  So I was very eager to quit.  :)   My ex always said that I'd never make it in school.  It's good to know he was wrong.  I found out a while ago that he flunked out of school a couple years before I met him.  And of course, if he couldn't do, he didn't think I could.  But I think he was very interested in keeping me down.  And once I realized that, I knew I had to try.  And the first semester I think I got a B+ average, which isn't bad at all.  Right now, I'm trying to raise my A- to an A, but I'm having a really hard time of it.  I may just have to be satisfied by an A-.  (Peter thinks I'm silly, and should be very proud of the A-)

4) Are you a cat person or a dog person?

Both.  Although, I would say I'm slightly more a dog than a cat person.  Maybe because I've so far found dogs to be more affectionate.  But I'd say I'm more an animal person.  I am NOT a snake person though.  I hate snakes!

5) What are some of your goals in life?

Graduate.  Get married. (I don't think that's really a goal, but it's more something I think will happen in the next couple years or so.)   Buy a house. Get a barbeque and a nice backyard to relax in.  (Ok, I just did that, but now we need to fix it up before we can move in.)  Help run the DNC next May-August. (A friend is helping me with that.  I'll post more about this once things firm up.)    Have kids. Remain sane while having kids.  (These last two go together.)    Go to grad school. (After the kids get older.)  I don't know what after that.  So much of my life has been just reacting to other stuff around me.   For a while I was just trying to survive.  So it's hard for me to look to the future and make goals.  But I'm starting to make plans.

I won a basket!
From the Ottawa Farmer's Market www.ottawafarmersmarket.ca I filled out one of the entries last week and won! I now get a goodie basket filled with local produce, meat, arts and crafts. Neato!

I found out I have the opportunity to go to Beijing sometime this summer/fall. I'm so psyched! Anyone been? I think I'm going to bring an empty suitcase so I can bring a ton of stuff back! Or maybe I'll ship stuff, I dunno. Still looking up stuff on the intarweb to discover the touristy things I can do/see.

gee, I always thought I was good....

Your Score: True Neutral

60% Good, 44% Chaotic

Plane of Existence: The Outlands, "Plane of Concordant Opposition". Description: The plane between all other outer planes.

Examples of True Neutrals (Ethically Neutral, Morally Neutral)

Red XIII, "Nanaki" (FFVII)

Vincent Valentine (FFVII)

Cid Highwind (FFVII)

Mr. Spock

Linus Torvalds

Dr. Strangelove

Scott Evil


The Punisher



Not actively for or against anything. Has his or her own reasons for doing everything. Usually difficult to understand.

Will keep their word if in their best interest

May attack an unarmed foe

May use poison

May help those in need

May work with others

Indifferent to higher authority

Indifferent to organizations

True Neutral "Pure Neutral"


Some neutral [people] commit themselves philosophically to neutrality. They are of the true neutral alignment as described in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

A true neutral [person] sees good, evil, law, and chaos as prejudices and dangerous extremes. He advocates the middle way of neutrality as the best, most balanced road in the long run.

Some true neutral [people] actively support balance in the world, and seek to avoid having any one side, law or chaos, good or evil, become too powerful over them or anyone else, and will work against whichever side is the most powerful. They tend to side with the underdog in any situation, and are often opportunistic in their actions.

True neutral is committed to the avoidance of extremes, and is non-judgemental.

Side-Note from Xan81:

Due to your Neutrality, I would really, really LOVE your feedback. Not that I don't want feedback from members of the other alignments, but a True Neutral's feeback is typically NOT emotionally, morally, politically, or socially charged. Please send me an email! I have it set to automatically email me when someone gets this score, so I know who you are ;) True Neutrals are the classic, "I just don't give a shit" alignment, and I fully understand if you don't feel that you have any responsability or obligation to sending an email/comment. Even if you did, I'm sure you'd have some difficulty in deciding what to comment about. But, I guess that depends on your tendencies :D

Other Alignments and Tendencies (Tendenices are what you would more often sway towards; esp. for Neutrals):

0-39% Good, 0-39% Chaotic:Lawful-Evil

0-39% Good, 40-60% Chaotic: Neutral-Evil

0-39% Good, 61-100% Chaotic: Chaotic-Evil

40-60% Good, 0-39% Chaotic: Lawful-Neutral

40-60% Good, 61-100% Chaotic: Chaotic-Neutral

61-100% Good, 0-39% Chaotic: Lawful-Good

61-100% Good, 40-60% Chaotic: Neutral-Good

61-100% Good, 61-100% Chaotic: Chaotic-Good

Link: The Alignment Test written by xan81 on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

Exams are over!!!
Took my last exam (Brain and Behaviour) today at 9:30 am. Surprisingly easy exam, I was expecting an essay question, but instead, we got a couple short answer questions.

Exams over, time to sleep!!!!

I have been waiting to hear from U of O about my application to the Honours Psychology program. I had originally been accepted under General Arts, because I applied as a mature student, and essentially they wouldn't let me into any other program. I applied to the Psychology program in February, and wasn't so sure I'd get in. I kept checking their website every few days, (they have what they call "Infoweb", it tells you your status, financial, grades, etc.) Yesterday I checked it, and noticed the link was red. "Uh oh" I thought, "This means that they've updated the file, maybe I didn't get in...." BUT I DID! I am now a 3rd year Honours Psychology student! What a great birthday present!

Random updates
I'm home sick with the beginnings of a cold or flu today. Sight fever, sore throat etc. I hate getting colds. I used to get 4-6 per year, and they used to drag on for a month or more, but in the last two years, I only seem to catch 1-2 (This is my 2nd this year.) I'm less stressed now, an it's done good things for my immune system.

I'm thinking about going to grad school for Psychology. I almost have the grades, I'd need to go from a B+ average to an A-, which is not impossible at all.

I keep having dreams that Andrew is trying to kill me. And while I realize this is unlikely, I don't think it's completely impossible. He doesn't know where I live right now, but knowing him and how he reacts to things, I could totally see him tracking me down and breaking into my apartment in the middle of the night. And it's not like it doesn't happen to other women, just watch the news sometime.

But otherwise things are going well. I love school. I've reconnected with the community where I live. I got a guitar for Christmas and I'm learning to play it. (I will admit, it's a steep learning curve though, and I've just been practising scales and some simple chords.) Things are going pretty darn well and pzbowen and I are actually pretty darn happy. :)

First day back at school
I need to decide if I'm going to take a nap or go out for coffee.